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Basic Controls for Playstation

by Wicked Player
Basic Controls for Playstation

Live Mode:

  • Open cheats bar:
    Xbox: Press both the left and right triggers and bumpers (LT + RT + LB + RB)
    PlayStation: Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 all at the same time
    Heads up: You will need to introduce testingcheats on to use cheats. If you use testingcheats, achievements will be disabled for the current save game.
  • Show cheat options when clicking on Sims/objects (equivalent to Shift + click on PC):
    Xbox: press B + A. Make sure to press B first, and then A while holding B.
    PlayStation: press O + X. Make sure to press O first, and then X while holding O.
  • Lock panels like the needs panel: press the right stick to pin an open panel.
  • Sell inventory stacks: while having the stack selected in the inventory:
    Xbox: press X + Y at the same time.
    PlayStation: press square + triangle at the same time.
    *If you are unable to press Ok in the dialogue that opens, press circle or B to go back and try again

Buy/Build Mode:

  • Toggle between grid / half grid / free object placing:
    This will allow you to place objects outside the grid.
    PlayStation: Press L2
  • Rotate objects: while having an object selected:
    PlayStation: press L1 or R1.
  • Rotate objects to any angle: while having an object selected:
    PlayStation: press L1/R1 at the same time, then right stick to rotate.
  • Rotate floor tile: triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox) while using the single floor tile tool.
  • Toggle between full floor tile/quarter of a floor tile: square (PS4) or X (Xbox) while using the single floor tile tool.
  • Toggle full room and 1 wall when painting: R1 or L1 (PS4) – either one of the Bumpers (Xbox) when using painting tool. Also applies when placing floor tiles or windows.
  • Change object size: while having an object selected:
    PlayStation: press L2 and R2 + left (smaller)/right (bigger)
  • Change object elevation: introduce the cheat ‘bb.moveobjects on’ to activate moveobjects. Once active, while having an object selected:
    PlayStation: press L2 and R2 + up/down

Dine Out Cheats

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